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The Rad Cap

The Rad Cap

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Introducing the RadEnergy EMF Blocking Snapback Hat, crafted meticulously with a revolutionary blend of silver fibers, this hat is not just a statement piece but a shield, designed to protect your most valuable asset - your brain.


Our hat is woven with high-quality silver fibers that create a protective barrier against electromagnetic fields (EMF) blocking up to 99% of EMF, safeguarding you from the radiation emitted by devices like smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers.


If you can't feel a noticeable difference, we'll refund your money in full. Automated, hassle-free returns are our commitment to you. If any issues arise with your order, rest assured that you will receive a 100% refund.


We ship worldwide. Orders are usually sent out within 24 hours on weekdays and on Mondays for weekend orders. If you're in the United States, it typically takes 2-4 business days to receive your order from the date of purchase, thanks to our central Texas location.

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Silver Fiber

The RadCaps are lined with Silver Fiber that blocks 99% of EMFs/Wireless radiation. Protect your brain from WiFi and cell phone radiation no matter where you go.

Wear it the way you want.

Forwards or backwards this spaback is versitile in everyway.

For Everyone

The RadCap is perfect for everyone and everywhere.