My Story

It was 2019 when my life started to change.
I was working a corporate job for a big company and everyday I would come home drained with no energy. Nothing was more defeating. I would ask myself why do I feel like this? I was one of the healthiest people I knew...
My name is Jake Paine and I am the founder of RadEnergy.
This is a picture of me speaking to my city council about the risks and dangers of 5G.
Everyday I would spend hours a day on a wireless phone. I studied physics in college and started to wonder how much energy was coming from this phone as it would work so well even when I was so far away from the phone base.
I started doing my research and I found out that EMFs (wireless radiation) was actually toxic to our health. The more changes and improvements I made the better I started to feel and my energy started to come back.
A friend of mine so happened to be at the post office when I was dropping off my first package ever. (yes I know I look ridiculous...)
When I realized that the truth was covered up about EMFs, kids are impacted the most, and there were so many other people like me that were having health issues - I knew I had to do something.
I found this miracle stone called Shungite that has multiple peer reviewed studies that proves it protects you naturally from EMFs. It is called Shungite. Since our phones are the largest source of EMFs in our lives I invented the first ever Shungite Phone case and the rest is history.
What was originally a major setback in my health and energy turned out to be a global opportunity to help other people as well. Now I am able to help millions of people and be a part in this global movement. It is an absolutely blessing and privilege that my products get to help people from all over the world.
If you have any questions or issues please reach out and we would love the opportunity to best serve you!