How It Started...


Just a few short years ago my energy levels were non-existent. Every day I woke up, went to work, felt like a zombie, come home - then rinse and repeat.

I had a vision for my life but had no energy to really take control of my life.

I started to question the technology around us and if all of this wireless radiation we are surrounded with every single day had any health impacts. I came to find out that indeed it did. 

After countless hours of research and applying what I was learning I started to see changes in my health and improvements in my energy. It was a topic I never had heard before, but it changed my life. People thought I was crazy for challenging the norm that our technology could be harmful. I even when and spoke to my local government to make a change where I lived.

I came to realize that all of this Radiation Energy all around us was actually toxic and harming our health and affecting so many of us without our knowledge.

I knew I had to do something about it.

I learned that cell phones are the number one source of radiation in our lives. Since we are all addicted to our cell phones (the average American is on their phone +5hrs a day) I took what I learned was one of the only natural solutions, Shungite, that is scientifically proven to protect life from wireless radiation and I put it in a phone case. When I started to use the phone case my hand quit tingling and I felt so much better. I started to share them with friends and sell them online and the results were astonishing in how much better everyone felt.

What I learned is that Health is Energy. Having good health is not about having a 6 pack, but having strong energetic cells that support your body, energy to do what you love, and energy for life - RadEnergy.

It is my mission to raise awareness and protect as many people as possible from wireless radiation naturally while having fun doing it.

Thank you so much for supporting my business, when you do so you help us raise awareness and protect one another.

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