How Phones Are Harming You Physically And Making You Sick

How Phones Are Harming You Physically And Making You Sick

Do you ever wonder if your phone is harming you? What if I told you that cell phones by their nature are harmful that is a fact.

Would you be willing to protect yourself and your family against any harm that comes?

Now I am not talking about how social media and our phones are addicting, even though that is harmful and addicting.

I am talking about something completely different.

You would probably think I was crazy. But what if I told you that every time you pick up your cell phone, a little bit of radiation is released into the air? And what if I told you that this radiation can lead to serious health problems, like cancer?

It may sound scary, but it's true. Cell phones are harmful and we need to do something about it.

Your cell phone needs a signal to work. The signal can either come from cell service, a hot spot, or WiFi. Either way, the phone has to have a connection to the internet or some type of network.

The way this works is through electromagnetic fields (EMFs for short) which is the same thing as radiation.

Now the word radiation normally scares a lot of people because they think of Hiroshima or something nuclear. Radiation can be a good thing too. It enables our phones to work, the sun emits light to the world which light is a form of radiation. 

However, where we run into issues is when we are exposed to radiation levels that are unnatural and harmful to our bodies.

Cell phones emit radiation levels that far exceed our current safety limits and emit radiation far beyond anything we see in nature. 

Did you know that cell phones are only tested for 6 mins before they are deemed safe or not? Did you also know that the average American is on their phone over 5 hrs a day? 


Feel free to take a break from reading this and check your screen time. On an iPhone, you go to Settings>Screen Time and it will show you your average. If it is above 6 mins then you are exceeding the safety limits. 

Oh and by the way your phone always emits radiation whether you are on your screen or not. The cell phone radiation regulatory test only tests if the temperature rises and that is only one symptom of radiation exposure. 

Also, the cell phone is not touching a human body when the test is performed, how do they expect people to use their phones without touching them? Again this test is out of touch with reality. 

Symptoms of wireless radiation exposure include dizziness, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, nausea, tinnitus, sleep disorders, cancer, and many many more.

What do you think all of this long-term exposure is doing to our bodies long term?

I will tell you…

The national toxicology program launched a thorough ten-year study which cost over $30 Million dollars to conclusively determine if cell phones and wireless radiation was harmful. All the results came back and showed tumors in the hearts, brains, and adrenal glands of the rats that were exposed to the 2G & 3G radiation. After the study, they came and said more research was needed. However, most papers conclude the same results since. Keep in mind that as humans we are exposed to way more than just 2G radiation today since we are now on 5G technology.

We don’t just use our phones once or twice a day, we use them all day, we are also connected to WiFi, use Bluetooth for wireless headphones like AirPods, drive electric vehicles, and more… and we live in this world now.

You might be thinking okay, well if all this is true then why don’t we hear about it and why doesn’t everyone have major health issues due to wireless radiation? 

We already see thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show the negative side effects of wireless radiation, cancer rates have actually skyrocketed in the past 20 years, which is also when cell phones started to gain mass attraction. We see a mass reduction in the population of birds and bees in developed countries which both use electromagnetic fields to navigate and our wireless technology interferes with them.

Wireless radiation may not be harmful at first, but this is a new issue. Before this generation, we have literally never had this issue of wireless radiation in the history of humanity.  Electromagnetic radiation may not be the source of many issues, however it does not help with it. It amplifies these health issues. Using a cell phone won’t kill you overnight, however using one for hours a day without any protection can have severe negative consequences.

What is important to know is that you can make steps to protect yourself. You are not a victim even though you have not been told the truth about wireless radiation and its effects. You can still make changes to protect not only yourself, but also your loved ones and most importantly your children (since kids absorb over 3x more radiation than adults.

The number one source of radiation in your life by far is your cell phone. It is constantly sending and receiving so much radiation all of the time and with the new 5G technology that has been recently rolled out without any health testing we need all of the protection we can get.


Here at RadEnergy we have developed the world's first and only natural phone case made with minerals that are scientifically proven materials that protect you from wireless radiation.

We put both Shungite & Black Tourmaline in our phone cases. Shungite is a super interesting stone that is only found in one place in the whole world that contains a specific molecule called “Fullerene” (Carbon 60) Shungite is the only known material in the world to contain this molecule which is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It is so strong that it actually can purify water and the Russians have been doing so for years.

There was a study where they covered rats in shungite and then radiated the rats with cell phone-type radiation. The rats that were covered in the shungite came out of the study completely fine, however, the rats that were not covered in shungite developed tumors and cancer, just like the National Toxicology Program. 

If you are ready to protect yourself and your family I encourage you to check out our cases and reviews to see why people feel so much better using our cases and even sleeping better.

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