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The Stars Shungite Phone Case

The Stars Shungite Phone Case

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Super light, strong, and durable case that protects you from your phone's radiation.

This is the only natural solution on the market for your phone's radiation.

Materials + Technology

This is the world's first and only phone case made with Shungite. Shungite is an extremely rare mineral only found in one mine in the whole world and is the only material in the world that contains the molecule called a Fullerene. Shungite has multiple peer reviewed studies that proves it protects you from radiation.

The case also contains the stone Black Tourmaline in powdered form.

MagSafe compatible for wireless charging and other MagSafe features.

The case itself is made with Hard PC & TPU material that makes the case drop proof, shock resistant, and military grade strength.

Designed For

Anyone that spends more than 10mins a day on their phone.

Seriously, the FCC radiation phone safety test is for 6mins when the average American is on a phone more than +5hrs a day.

No matter if you are rough or gentle on your phone this case is for you.

Great for kids also as children absorb x3 more radiation than adults do.

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  • "I really like the intention behind this stone. Seeing a difference when I'm using my phone. Thank you for this lovely case! :)"

    Nancy C

    Tampa, FL


  • "I can finally rest my phone on my chest or arm without feeling radiation attacking my bones, muscles and tissue."

    Brittany P

    Austin, TX


  • "This is my 3rd phone case from this company. I upgrade and cycle through various iPhone models which has made me have to buy cases for each. This will always be my go to for phone protection not seen by the eye."

    Rachel L

    San Diego, CA


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Anatomy of the world's only Shungite phone case.

We got you ✊


Will this case protect me from EMFs/Radiation?

Yes, there have been many peer reviewed studies and patents filed with Shungite including the most known study you can see here.

How strong is the case?

The case is incredibly strong and can last for years. The materials are made with Hard PC & TPU. We also have our Lifetime Product Warranty so if the case is damaged or defective in anyway we will replace it, no matter the length you have owned it for.

What is the big deal about Shungite?

Shungite is the only known material in the world that contains the molecule called a Fullerene. This is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. The discovery of this molecule earned a group of scientist the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 you can read here.

Shungite has many uses including cosmetic applications and water filtration.

Shungite has been an EMF protection staple for many years given its track record in the research lab and testimonials.

What is your return policy?

We offer free return shipping that is both automated and hassel free.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping & returns to the USA and discounted shipping to Canada.

What is your Warranty & Guarantee?

We offer our famous "60 Day Good Vibes Guarantee" if you cannot feel a difference or unsatisfied in anyway we will refund your money.

We offer a Lifetime Product Warranty on our products. If you ever run into any issues with our products with either a defect or a damaged product over time we will replace it.