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How Our Cases Work

Subtle Frequencies

When you take an unnatural frequency and combine it with the frequencies of your body you can have some the negative health effects. However when you introduce shungite, the shungite changes those subtle frequencies. Our bodies emit frequencies that are so subtle that they are not decteted by modern western tools. The radiation on your body now becomes less harmful to your body. This in a way harmonizes the frequencies or neutralizes the negative effects of the radiation. The radiation will still be there, however the shungite protects you.

Great Signal

A common misconception people have about our cases is that they block radiation. Our phone cases do not block the radiation. Actually our cases allow you to use your cell phone with great signal. Our cases use Shungite to nuetralize the effects given its rare makeup of Fullerenes and that it is an energy conductive material.

Science Based

There are multiple peer reviewed studies and patents that show shungite is effective against wireless radiation. Western science has not widely accepted how shungite works, however the research and data does show that it is effective. Here is a study where rats were blasted with wireless radiation, just like our phones. The rats covered in shungtie were fine, the rats not covered developed cancer and tumors.  

How Our Phone Cases Work:

A truly revolutionary product that is a natural solution to a big time problem

Shungite phone cases are designed to provide protection against the harmful effects of radiation that emanates from your phone. The cases are made from a natural mineral called shungite, which is known for its unique ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

When your phone is in use, it emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves. These waves can be harmful to your health, as they can penetrate your body and cause cellular damage. Shungite phone cases work by absorbing this radiation and neutralizing it, thus reducing your exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Overall, shungite phone cases are a simple and effective way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. By using a shungite phone case, you can reduce your exposure to radiation and promote a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Facts & News About Radiation

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how shungite works:


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